Tour Havana Nights plus Cannon Shot Ceremony at 9 PM


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Duration 3 hours

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 Enjoy the beauty of the capital at night: Paseo del Prado, Central Park and Capitol, Avenida 23, et. Feel the maritime smell of Havana's malecon while you travel in a vintage car for an hour to reach the fortress of La Cabaña just in time to witness one of the most typical traditions of Havana: The Cannon Shot Ceremony at 9 o'clock.

Every night, at exactly 9:00 pm local time, the thunderous shot of a cannon is heard in Havana, Capital of Cuba. The residents know that the Cannon Shot of the Nine sounded and the visitors wonder why.As it turns out, this tradition began in the eighteenth century. The shot is made from the fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, popularly known as La Cabaña, located next to the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro, just at the entrance to the Havana bay, which houses the country's main port. 

It is said that it is heard uninterrupted throughout the city: in the Central Park, located in Old Havana, at 4.3 seconds after the cannon was fired; at 9,7s at the Hotel Nacional and at 16s on the famous corner of 23 and 12, both places belonging to the populous neighborhood of El Vedado.

Today the ceremony of the Cañonazo, as it is popularly known, is one of the most popular and colorful public spectacles in Havana. Hundreds of visitors, both Cuban and foreign, are concentrated every night in La Cabaña, with their cell phones and tablets turned on so as not to miss any detail. Everything is recorded from the entrance of the soldiers with loops, hats and colonial costumes, (who are actually young artillery cadets) carrying lit torches and singing at full pitch, with a peculiar rhythm, the word silence, to then announce the beginning of the ritual, which ends with the firing of an 18th century cannon.The tradition was born to indicate to the inhabitants of the city that they would be closed the doors of the walls that gave access to this one, and that were constructed to protect it before the constant attacks of pirates and corsairs. 

The Villa of San Cristóbal de La Habana, as the city was called at that time, since the construction of these immense stone walls, was divided into two: the city of intramuros and the one of extrawalls.With time the closing moved for the 9 pm and even when the walls stopped being necessary and they were demolished, it continued firing the cannon, exactly at the same time, until today.

Notes: 1 hour of vintage ride thru the capital at night, Canyon ceremony entrance fee and Guide Service included.

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