Casa Particular "Yanier y Arletys"


1 room

4 guests

from 14.11 EUR

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 Our house is in a quiet and pleasant neighborhood, we are all family, just 5 minutes walking from the town center. 50 meters from the road. In the center of the village you can find bars, restaurants, banks, etc.

We have a large room, with two double beds, air conditioning and fan, refrigerator, private interior bathroom with hot and cold water in the shower and sink 24 hours a day, plus a hair dryer, with separate entrance to the room. At Casa Yanier and Arletys we can help you organize and book your excursions on foot and by horse, collective taxi service for all places such as the beach and other destinations such as Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad etc., rental of bicycles through the Viñales National Park where you can You enjoy the landscapes of the Viñales Valley. In the house we offer breakfasts and tasty and complete dinners, cocktails such as mojito cubalibre and piña colada are offered first at home

  Pets allowed
  Facilities for babies

  Massage  (20 - 25 CUC)
  Beverages  (2 - 3 CUC)
  Laundry  (Included)
  Breakfast  (5 CUC)
  Lunch  (8 - 12 CUC)
  Food  (8 - 12 CUC)
  Parking  (Included)

    Rooms (1)
Room 1 (Double with two beds) 15.28 / 14.11 EUR
Capacity 4
Beds 2 Double

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Street Salvador Cisnero Este pasaje A-1 No.7, between street B-1 and Arroyo el Duelo. Viñales, Cuba


Arletys Ruiz Diaz

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