Casa Particular "Casa Randy & Dayne"


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 Travel to Vinales is a unique opportunity to meet the different attractions that the Island offers to all the travelers who overnights in this touristic destination. This is proved by the thousands of visitors that filled up the streets every year looking for a direct people to people meeting as well as with nature. It is a harmonic and joyful town where you will feel like home. This is why you cannot lose the opportunity to book with us and taste wonderful Cuban traditional food and drinks.

In the house of Randy & Dayne you will have the possibility of enjoying a very natural environment where you will meet the Cuban culture and tradition. We have 1comfortable and acclimatized room with private bathroom and pressured hot and cold water, safety box, minibar and traditional food, drinks. We also offer massage and taxi services, bicycles, horseback riding, walks, hiking to local hills. The excellent service will make your stay pleased. 

Our hostal is located in Vinales in a rural zone, only 15 minutes walking from downtown and a few steps to the mountains. We are surrounded by farmers with their crews of animals and harvest. It is a very quiet area with friendly people where we all are a family. You can enjoy horseback riding, bicycle tour, walks, hiking and a lot more.

In the town you can move the way you prefer either walking or by car, bicycle, bus depending on the distance to run or your choice. Anyway you will be able to enjoy the colorful and beauty of the town highlighted by the green color of the hills. You are only 15 minutes walking from the public transportation points, banks, currency exchange office, ATM, bars, restaurants and if you wish you can rent a taxi from home.

We offer parking the 24 hours for those who come driving to avoid clients ´worriedness and can enjoy their stay with us.

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Room 1 (Double with two beds) 23.52 / 23.52 EUR
Capacity 3
Beds 2 Double

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Street Tercera No.15, between A and Final, Barrio El Palmar. Viñales, Cuba


Daynelis Crespo Gámez

I am a Lawyer, my husband is an Industrial Engineer and we both speak English.

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