Casa Particular "Finca los colorados"


5 rooms

12 guests

from EUR 24.34

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 House with independent apartment. 4 bathrooms in total (2 with hot water inside the houses and 2 outside) small pool and two restaurants. Parties, events, meetings, weddings, etc. All rooms have conventional air conditioning. With delivery of keys (important to know that if you want room cleaning you have to request it and it is free of charge). The property has an excellent view to the sea and you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets, entrance of cruises and boats since it is located at the entrance of the bay. The neighborhood is extremely quiet and quiet, just a neighbor and the Faro staff. Clients usually sit at the back of the patio to read, talk quietly or enjoy the cuisine of the house, others usually sunbathe lying in front of the pool and read. It is important to mention that my house, due to its location, is preferable to have your own transportation, since otherwise it would depend on public transport and taxis. The city is 20 km away and Rancho Luna beach is 2 km away, although there is one closer to the house. For those who like diving, the diving center is located on the beach. Pets of any kind are allowed, although on the property there is a dog and a cat, both very affectionate, and many fish to feed ?. Children can be brought there is a small park for them to play in the yard. You can smoke anywhere on the property except inside the house as it may annoy other customers and to avoid small accidents such as burning furniture, sheets, etc. The parking area is throughout the property. Gastronomy services are offered: breakfast 5 cuc, lunches at 10 cuc and dinners at 12 cuc, seafood at 15 cuc all at the hands of Chef - Maître and Owner of the José Piñeiro House. The laundry is for pieces of clothing, the cleaning lady is the one in charge.

  Pets allowed
  Facilities for babies

  Massage  (5 - 20 CUC)
  Beverages  (3 - 5 CUC)
  Breakfast  (5 CUC)
  Lunch  (10 CUC)
  Food  (12 - 15 CUC)
  Parking  (Included)

    Rooms (5)
Room 1 (Single) EUR 24.34 / 42.59
Capacity 3
Beds 1 Single  +  1 Double

Room 2 (Single) EUR 24.34 / 42.59
Capacity 3
Beds 1 Single  +  1 Double

Room 3 (Single) EUR 24.34 / 42.59
Capacity 2
Beds 2 Double

Room 4 (Single) EUR 24.34 / 42.59
Capacity 2
Beds 1 Double

Room 5 (Single) EUR 24.34 / 42.59
Capacity 2
Beds 1 Double

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km 18, pasacaballo, finca los colorados. Cienfuegos, Cuba


Jose Piñeiro

I am a very communicative person, I like to cook.