Due to the new coronavirus our agency is not making reservations.

Por causa del nuevo coronavirus nuestra agencia no está haciendo reservaciones.

Who can be a CubanEden partner?

This program is designed for travel agencies and tour operators that manage travel and tourism services in Cuba. If you are a blogger, you may be interested in our referral program, with 4% - 5% of commissions.

What services can you manage if you are a partner?

Once integrated into our system, you can manage accommodation reservations, transportation, excursions, tour packages, etc., with unbeatable discounts throughout the internet.

What do you earn for becoming a partner?

In addition to access to our range of services, you will get the most competitive prices on the internet. Permanent discounts up to 10% of our tour packages or services you want to customize. If you find better prices elsewhere web, we will improve the offer. We have the best offer and the best service.

How do partners pay for our services?

You have two options to make the payments for the contracted services:
(1) Pay a percent in advance, and the rest is paid by your clients personally in Cuba.
(2) Pay the 100% of the cost of the services contracted in advance.
You can make the payments directly by bank transfer or through a payment link that we will send you.

How do partners sell our services?

You can sell our services directly from your office and / or website. Our partners have permission to take all the information published on our site and use it on their websites.

The confirmation of our services is immediate as long as the date thereof is not less than 15 days.

Does CubanEden offer FAMtrips for tour operators and bloggers?

Yes, but that always depends on availability in our annual calendar, in addition to whether you qualify as a candidate for our FAMtrips.

Our FAMtrips are not totally free, it applies 40% to 60 % of the net costs of the services you wish to explore. To qualify in one of our FAMtrips, you must contact us and provide all the information that our team requests.

How can I become a partner?

It's FREE and simple, please contact us through the following form or write to: office@cubaneden.com.

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