Your perfect tour package to enjoy Cuba

We offer a complete and unequaled reservation. We prepare to you unforgettable vacations in the most beautiful places of Cuba. Get now by a single price a taxi, a translating guide and a lodge.


What does my package include?


You can have a taxi available during all your journey in Cuba. The service includes your picking up in the airport and the return to the same. Modern cars, classic cars, you decide it. If you desire this service for large groups, please, get in touch with us.

Tour Guide/Translator

We have skilled personnel in the history of the more various and impressive holiday resorts in Cuba. Available for English and Spanish languages. The service is of 8 hours, but you can have an agreement with your guide and request overtime.

Casa particular

Your tourist package can or can not including a lodge. We have beautiful and comfortable rooms for you. The quantity of rooms will depend on the people that you wish to include. In this mode, we offer the rate of 3 people for each room.

Reservation of package

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Meeting place

Cuba local time