Security and Privacy


CubanEden has been designed in such a way that the users that rent their houses and rooms just like the users that look for such offers can exchange information, requests and reservations through our platform. CubanEden creates a profile of every real estate property that can be constantly rated by the customers that reserved and shows the record of every comment emitted with regard to this matter. This information will be visible for all users that visit our site.

How can I eliminate or update my account?

As a host or as a guest, you can check, update or eliminate any information from your profile when you desire it. The password on your account can be modified at any time needlessly to contact us. For any other change, you will have to get in touch with our team, writing to us to:


When making use of CubanEden and reserving a lodge we want to guarantee complete certainty to you. For this reason, our duty is to protect with all the possible resources the information that we register and we have implemented the pertinent security levels, both technical and administrative, in order to protect your personal information at the time of transmitting between your system and ours.

How long do we keep your personal details?

Your personal details will be held in our system up to a year after your last entry, once this time has passed they will be eliminated of our system automatically.
In the case of a host, your profile only will be eliminated by request.

Observance and juridical persecution

CubanEden cooperates with the juridical and government employees and the private parts, in order to enforce the law and to apply it. According to our rights we will provide juridical and government employees along with juridical individuals with any information about you that we consider necessary to answer any accusation or prosecution. (including court notifications). In this way authorship rights, CubanEden´s rights and third parties´ rights will be protected to guarantee public safety as well as the safety of others from any illicit, unethical or punishable (by the law) activity.

Transference of business

CubanEden can transfer or distribute in part or completely his activities, including your personal information, when merging or affiliating with another firm or when being assumed by another firm, by means of a reorganization, sale or in case of insolvency.

Data protection in front of minors

Surfing in this page is allowed only to adults older than 18 years. We do not register personal information to anyone under the age of 18. If one of the parents or the tutor has knowledge that his child has inputted personal information in our site, it is his duty to contact us immediately to: If it is to our knowledge that any person under 18 years has introduced information in our site, it will be eliminated immediately from our servers.


If you have any restlessness relative to this declaration of security and privacy, please contact us to: