Terms and conditions

By accessing our Website and / or using our Services as a possible client or host, you agree to be bound by these Conditions, which you acknowledge to have read and understood.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these Conditions at any time. You should review these Conditions periodically to stay informed of any changes.


Clients can request a reservation through the Page following the reservation request process established on the Page and by clicking on the corresponding application form.

Almost of our services and announcements are of "instant booking", which means that the process is instant and of immediate confirmation. In the event that your request is a "non-immediate reservation" service, once the reservation request has been made by you, we will inform the corresponding host by email to accept or reject the reservation request. The hosts must confirm or reject your booking request within 12 hours of the aforementioned request; Once this period has elapsed, the reservation will automatically expire. If the reservation is accepted by the host through the Site, you will receive an automatic email confirming the acceptance of the host and the reservation process will be automatically completed and the contact details of the host will be sent to you in a Voucher.

You can access the details of your reservation confirmation through your account. You have the possibility to cancel any service. Please see our Policies of cancellation.

Client behavior

As a client, you agree to be responsible for all persons accompanying you to maintain appropriate behavior during your stay on the property announced by the host or duration of the service contracted. We will not have any obligation to pay any compensation or assumption of any cost or expense (including, among others, alternative accommodation) that you may incur as a result of the anticipated termination of your stay by the host due to your behavior or the behavior of the people who have accompanied you.

If you cause any damage to the property of the host that provides the service, you must reimburse the full cost of the damage caused to the corresponding host. You must also indemnify us for the full amount of any claim filed against us by the host or by any third party as a result of such damage.

We inform you that in the same way that you can evaluate and write a comment about the reserved service once your reservation is finished.

Exclusions and limitations

We can not accept any responsibility for any damage, loss or discomfort caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Such circumstances include, among others, wars, threats of war, riots, civil strife or terrorist activities, collective conflicts, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, airport closures, adverse weather conditions, interruption or failure of public services, or actions of any kind local or national government. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation affected by these circumstances.

Complaints and our responsibility to you

(i) Our Responsibility towards customers

If you have any problems during your stay, please inform the host immediately. As a client, you will be asked to make, and you will have the right to make, a comment about the service included in our Page. Our site will take the appropriate measures so that said host does not incur the fault again.

(ii) Our Responsibility to the Hosts

Any claim arising from the stay of a client on your property must be filed against said client.


You understand and agree that this website is only a platform, which allows you and other users to make pre-reservations and reservations for tourist services in Cuba and that CubanEden does not represent in any way a contracting party between the users or clients and hosts. The site has a platform function, which allows registered members ("hosts") to rent their private services to clients. We do not take part in the transaction that takes place between host and clients. The rents are made only among the respective users, who will assume their full responsibility for their actions.


You understand and agree that the sole responsibility for the content regarding any type of reservation, messages, texts, data, photos, images, videos, audio or other materials (included in "Content"), belong to the user, where it originated. All this content is related to our service and is sent or transmitted through our system.

The website offers access without filters to all the contents. You understand and agree that we serve only as an online market and, therefore, assume no responsibility for the content published on the website; even if it were intellectual property, slander, offenses, protection of the private sphere, obscenities and / or similar. We can not, nor are we obligated to control the content. The information on this site will be subject to constant changes and very often possible inaccuracies may occur and, sometimes, such information may be erroneous or false. We do not assume any responsibility or express or implied guarantees for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information that appears on the Website. We are not obligated to check, update or control this information. Therefore, we recommend checking all the information that is extracted from our page. We offer no guarantee or security, neither verbal nor explicit, in relation to contributions or questions from users. You understand and agree that an agreement between you and another person or organization will be made under the terms negotiated by you and assumed by both parties at your own risk.

However, we appreciate any complaint against any unhealthy or obscene content (as described above) so we can treat you.

Any other use of the website is explicitly prohibited. Users and visitors do not have rights to upload data, make additions, copies, reproduction, advertisements, or divert the use of the site to others, or make use of specific search engines such as Robots, Spiders or similar or other means of extraction, without prior authorization in writing from us. Excluded with limited prior exception are recognized Internet search engines and non-commercial public archives that use means to store information, which has the sole purpose of announcing the Hyperlinks of the Web sites. Its use is allowed as long as they are deployed from a stable IP address and not excessive indexing for the service of our servers, which make easy use of an identifiable provider.


For clients that do not make reservations, access to our website is free, as is the use of our services.

The euro and the US dollar are indicated and counted as payment currency. Although you will be issued a Voucher with the current exchange rate of USD or EUR towards the local currency of the country.

You as a customer agree that CubanEden will charge you a guarantee deposit payment and that you must make the remaining payment of your reservation to the host directly, after your arrival and as agreed with it.

Exclusion of guarantees

If you visit our page and make use of our services, you must do so at your own risk. You acknowledge and agree that CubanEden does not check the background and reputation of customers, hosts and other users. The CubanEden system is based on reputation. For your own benefit, make use of the comments of other users and the recommendations of third parties about hosts. Be cautious and protect yourself.

CubanEden does not assume any guarantee or liability for


We, for our part, can decide at any time in our opinion and without prior responsibility to you, with or without reason and without prior notice the following: (a) access to our page, (b) delete and put out of circulation the content provided by you, (c) deny access to any data or service.