Terms and conditions

Through the use of our web site and/or our Services like a possible guest or owner, you agree to get linked by these Conditions, which you acknowledge having read and understood.

We reserved the right, to our exclusive discretion, to change, modify or alter otherwise these Conditions at any time. You will have to check these Conditions periodically to keep yourself informed on any modification.


Guests can request a reserve through the Page, following the process of request of reserve established in the Page and clicking the corresponding confirmation button or link (through their account or e-mail).

When you make the reservation, we will report to the correspondent Proprietary by email and he/she will agree or refuse the request. The Owners will have to confirm or refuse their requests within the next 12-hour. Once this time has passed, reserves will expire automatically. If the reserve is accepted by the Owner through the Page, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the Owner's acceptance. You should complete the process of reservation and the contact information of the owner will be forwarded to you.

You will be able to access to your reservation´s confirmation through your account.

Behavior of the Guests

As a guest, you agree that everybody that goes with you hold a proper behavior during your sojourn in the property advertised by the Owner. We will not have no kind of obligation of payment or indemnification neither of assumption of no cost neither expense (included, among others, an alternative house) that you may incur as a consequence of the anticipated finalization of your sojourn on behalf of the Owner due to your behavior or to the behavior of anyone with you.

If you caused any damage to the property of the Owner where you take lodge you will have to reimburse the full cost of the damage caused to the Proprietary. You will also have to indemnify us for the full total sum of any reclamation presented against Us by the Owner or by any third party as a consequence of such damage.

We inform you that in the same way that you will be able to rate and write a comment on the reserved house, the owner of the house will also be able to comment and evaluate you, this comment will be visible to other owners in future reservations.

Exclusions and limitations

We cannot accept any responsibility for damage, loss or bother caused by circumstances that surpass our reasonable control. Such circumstances include wars, threats of wars, riots, civil confrontations or terrorist activities, labor disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, closedowns of airports, adverse weather conditions, interruption or failures of public services, or actions of any local or national government. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation affected by such circumstances.

Complaints and Our Responsibility to You

(i) Our Responsibility to the guest

If You had some problem during Your sojourn, report please to the Owner immediately. As a guest, you will be asked and will have the right to make a comment on the property included in our web site. CubanEden will take the pertinent measures so that the owner does not fall again in the same error.

(ii) Our Responsibility to the Owners

Every reclamation derived of the sojourn of a Guest in his/her property will be handled directly with the guest and you will be able to rate and write a comment in our system about this guest.


You understand and agree that this web site is only a platform, which allows you and other users to make pre-reserves and reservations in houses (apartments for vacations and private lodges) in Cuba and that CubanEden does not represent a contracting party between the users or customers and houses. The web site has the function of a platform, which allows the registered owners (hosts) to rent their private houses to potential customers (guests). We do not take part in the real transaction that takes effect between host and guests. Rents take effect only between the respective users, which will assume their complete responsibility for their actions.


You understand and you declare yourself to agree, that the only right over the content relative to any type of reserve, messages, texts, data, photos, images, videos, audio or other materials (in Content), belongs to the user, where it was originated. All this content is related to our service and it is sent through our system.

The web site offers an access without filters to all contents. You understand and you agree that we act only as a marketplace Online and, therefore, we do not assume any responsibility for the content that is published on our Web; also if it is about intellectual property, slander, offenses, protection of the private sphere, obscene acts or similar. We cannot, neither are bound to control contents. The information will be constantly submitted to changes and possible inaccuracies can very frequently take place and, at times, such reports can be mistaken or false. We do not take responsibility or assume express or implicit guarantees for accuracy or integrity of the reports that appear on the Web. We are not bound to check, to update or to control those reports. therefore, we recommend to check all those reports that are extracted from our page. We do not offer guarantee or certainty, neither verbal nor explicit, regarding contributions or questions of the users. You understand and you declare yourself to be agree, that to take an agreement between You and other individual(s) or organization(s) will take effect under the conditions negotiated by You and assumed on both sides to own risk.

However, we thank any report on any unwholesome or obscene content (just as it is described previously) in order to treat it.

Any other use of the web site becomes explicitly prohibited. Users and visitors do not have rights to upload data, to make adds, copies, reproduction, advertisements or to deviate the use of the site to another one. It cannot use search engines of specific data like Robots, Spiders or matches or other means of extraction, without previous written authorization from us. Recognized Internet search engines and public records of non-commercial use that use means to store information and which have as only end to advertise Web Hyperlinks are excluded. We allow the use of such if the use is from the same stable IP address, which makes a simple use of an identifiable supplier.


For customers that do not make any reservation, the use of our web site is free, as well as the use of our services.

The euro and the U.S. Dollar are indicated as currency of payment. Although a Voucher with the present-day exchange rate of the USD or EUR toward the local currency of the country will be emitted to you.

You understand and declare yourself to be agree, that CubanEden will subtract the commission paid previously (20% and fee) and you have to make the remaining payment directly to the owner when you arrive to your destination.

Exclusion of guarantees

If you visit our page and you make use of our services, let it be clearly understood that you do it to own risk. You recognize and agree that CubanEden does not check the background and the reputation of the customers, hosts and other users. CubanEden’s system is based on rating. For your own benefit make use of the comments of other users and of the third-party recommendations on hosts and customers. Be careful and protect yourself. If we manifest our categorical rejection, you will desist from guarantees of any kind, verbal or explicit, inclusively without restraint, you will also desist in addition to mercantile implicit guarantees, of determined conveniences and infractions.

CubanEden does not assume any responsibility at all for


We, for our part, can decide at any time according to our opinion and without previous responsibility toward you, with or without any motive and without prior notice the following: (a) The access to our system, (b) erasing and putting out of circulation the content facilitated by You, (c) denying the access to any information or service.