How can I reserve a room?


Insert the desired destination in the search box, the date and the number of people and rooms that you need. The system will show houses that have not yet been reserved for the date. Evaluate the options. Look at the photos of the house and location, read the description and the comments that other customers wrote on our web.


Request the desired rooms. When the request had been made a report of the costs will be shown and you will receive the availability of your request within the next 12 hours. Please, be attentive to your email. We recommend you make more than one petition, because the requested rooms could be occupied for the desired date. You can make a request until 2 days before your trip.


If your request is available, you only need to make the payment. You will receive a confirmation with a Voucher that will be necessary when you arrive to your destination. From this time on, you will have the owner's data of contact and you will be directly able to get in touch with him.


Take with you the received Voucher that contains the contact information and the owner's photo. We recommended you to download a map that uses GPS, and works with no internet connection. Do not let that anybody change your destination while you travel from the airport to your reserved house. In Cuba you can find a lot of people trying to change your destination to get money.

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