Step 1

Select the service you want

You must select the service you wish to book within the range offered on our page: "Accommodations, things to do, transportation and tour packages". If you are not sure what you need or do not know how to do it, please contact us at:

Step 2

Book using the reservation form

Once the service has been found (accommodation, things to do, transportation or tour package) Fill out the reservation form and make the request and payment. Almost of our services are "immediate reserve", which means that the confirmation is immediate. In the case of requesting a "non-immediate reservation" service, the process will only take up to 12 more hours waiting for the confirmation of the corresponding host. If he confirm your request, the authorized payment will automatically be made, the reservation will be completed and you will receive the contact details of the host in your Voucher.

Step 3


Take with you the Voucher with contact information and the owner's photo. We recommended you to download a map that uses GPS, and works with no internet connection. Do not let that anybody change your destination while you travel from the airport to your reserved house.