What is CubanEden?

CubanEden is a web platform where it is possible to reserve rooms and houses in the whole Island of Cuba. Furthermore, we supply a series of facilities to the tourism like: guides and translators, scuba diving, taxis, etc. Which you will also be able to reserve from our web site, as well as an ample gallery of photos of several places that will help you know more about Cuba.

How can I reserve in CubanEden?

To reserve is very simple. Next to the information of every House or Facility, you will find a Reserve Box and with one click you can check the availability of the house on the selected date and make the reserve: See How It Works.

What is a Casa Particular?

It is known as a private house or apartment that belongs to a Cuban family which rents it to tourists and offers a variety of services. In United States and Great Britain, they are known like "Bed and Breakfast". These houses offer in general other services like breakfast, dinner, massages, beverages, etc.

Why lodging in a Casa Particular?

To lodge in a house can be one of the most interesting experiences that you can enjoy during your journey to Cuba. It Offers the possibility of knowing Cuban reality from inside, in addition, it represents the most cost-reducing option in comparison to the high costs and sometimes poor service of some Cuban hotels.

Is it legal to rent a house or a room?

Definitely it is. All the houses that appear in CubanEden pay a permission and tax to government of Cuba to be able to offer that service. The legal houses can be recognized for a blue logo in the door.

Why reserving through CubanEden?

Our web site procures showing legal and good-quality houses with the highest tourist standards in mind. We facilitate a safe reservation and provide a Voucher to guarantee it. You can also get tour packages in order improve your holiday vacations.

Is CubanEden confident?

CubanEden is a platform safe web. We save a minimum of data of our customers like name, country and email. See Security and Privacy.

Is secure the payment in CubanEden?

The payment in CubanEden is secure. The prepayment of the supplies comes through the platform of SecurionPay. This platform guarantees the secure of your payment. We in any case keep the banking or credit card data of our customers. We maintain until the day of the reserve, only the pertinent data to accomplish a reimbursement if that will be necessary.

How much do I have to pay to reserve in CubanEden?

Reserving in CubanEden cost 3.67 EUR for reservation in addition to 17% of total amount that count as pre-reserves, the rest you will have to pay to the owner directly when you arrived to your destination. Touristic packages have EUR 16.75 taxes for transactions, this require a full payment in advance.See How it works.

What is referral program?

CubanEden offers you the opportunity to be part of a network of vendors where you can earn a 20% per lifetime of all casas particulares reservations made by your guests. You pay NOTHING, however, you can potentially make a lot of money from your home, work, school, just by inviting others to book a private home. For tour packages booking, CubanEden shares 5% of total payment, commissions up to EUR 300 for each sales. Try it for free and enjoy the results!. Know more.

What means to be partner?

Partners is a program designed for travel agencies and tour operators. It offers you the possibility of obtaining important permanent discounts when joining our network.Know more.

What is the value of the CUC in relation to the Euro or USD?

1 CUC is equivalent to 0.98 EURO and to 1.15 USD approximately (July 2017).

How do I arrive to the reserved home?

There are a lot of ways of getting to your house: Taxi, bus, train. Our map in Google will also help you. We recommended you download a map that uses GPS, even without internet connection. Furthermore, from the moment of the reservation, you will receive the contact information of the owner and you can get directly in touch with him for any question.

How do I cancel the reservation?

Cancel yourself your reservation in your profile. See Policies of Cancellation.

What happens if the room is not free when I arrive to the reserved house?

This is something that should not happen, because our system checks the availability of the rooms and we have serious contracts with the owners of every house. But in the case this happens, you receive 100 % of your prepayment back. You can also contact us: info@cubaneden.com and we will look for you a close alternative house where you can stay.

Who works at CubanEden?

CubanEden is a team of managers of sales, webmasters, programmers, bookkeepers, translators, photographers, and others that guarantee quality and the maintenance of our service.