What is CubanEden?

CubanEden is an online platform for the reservation in Cuba of various tourist services such as: private accommodation, things to do, transportation and tour packages. Each host presents their ads, which allows each interested customer to reserve them from their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

How can I reserve in CubanEden?

Booking is very simple. Along with the information of each "Service" you will find a form where you can make your reservation. For more information: See How It Works.

What is a Casa Particular?

It is known as a private house or apartment that belongs to a Cuban family which rents it to tourists and offers a variety of services. In United States and Great Britain, they are known like "Bed and Breakfast". These houses offer in general other services like breakfast, dinner, massages, beverages, etc.

Why lodging in a Casa Particular?

Staying in a private house can be one of the most interesting experiences you can enjoy during your trip to Cuba. It offers the possibility of knowing the Cuban reality from within, as well as representing the most economical option compared to the high prices and sometimes poor service of Cuban hotels.

Is it legal to rent a house or a room?

Definitely it is. All the houses that appear in CubanEden pay a permission and tax to government of Cuba to be able to offer that service. The legal houses can be recognized for a blue triangle in the door.

Why reserving through CubanEden?

Our site tries to present legal and good quality houses in terms of tourism standards. It also facilitates a secure reservation backed with a Voucher. You can also book many other tours and transportation services that will facilitate your stay in Cuba.

Is CubanEden confident?

CubanEden is a secure web platform. We keep a minimum of data about our customers. See Security and Privacy.

Is secure the payment in CubanEden?

The payment in CubanEden is secure. CubanEden keeps only the pertinent data to make a refund or apply the corresponding charge to a cancellation according to our Policies of Cancellation..

How much do I have to pay to reserve in CubanEden?

To book at CubanEden we will charge you a guarantee deposit payment ranging from 10 to 30 percent of the service value, plus a minimal percent per commission.

What is full time service?

The full time service includes renting a vehicle with driver throughout the day in a distance of up to 250 km per day, fuel, lodge and meals of the driver. You must take into account that it is prohibited to drive in the evening between provinces. But you can ask the driver to take you to a restaurant in the evening. It is a matter of safety. Drivers must rest 12 hours straight, so it means that you must give him 12 hours for taking a bath, dinner, sleeping, etc., then you will have the right to start next day. We also apply a drop-off fee depending where you start the Service and finish it. This fee will cover spends on fuel for the driver to get back home. Request.

What charges might you have when booking a transfer?

You may have to pay an extra charge for your transfer service in any of the following cases:

What is referral program?

CubanEden offers you the opportunity to be part of a network of sellers where you can earn 5% for life on all the reservations made by your guests. See more.

What means to be partner?

Partners is a program designed for travel agencies and tour operators. It offers you the possibility of obtaining significant permanent discounts when joining our network. See more.

How do I arrive to the reserved home?

There are many ways to get to your private home: taxi, bus, train. Our Google map will also help you. We recommend you and can download a cache of the map you need and so you can use GPS to reach your destination, even if you do not have internet. In addition, from the moment of the reservation, you will receive the contact details of the host and can communicate directly with him / her for any questions or concerns.

How do I cancel the reservation?

Cancel your reservation from your profile. See Policies of Cancellation.

What happens if the room is not free when I arrive to the reserved house?

This is something that should not happen since our system checks the availability of the rooms and we have serious contracts with the owners of each house. But in case this happens, you should contact us: info@cubaneden.com and we will look for you a close alternative house where you can stay.