Policies of cancellation for accommodations, transfers, activities and packages.

Guests can cancel and check any penalty by clicking "Cancel" on the corresponding reservation located at: My Profile > Reservations > cancelling. It is important that the guest be aware that the host or our agency is exposed to a loss and will receive a penalty in correspondence to the time the cancellation is made.

Cancellations versus Time

Case 1: FREE CANCELLATION in the first 48 hours after reservation. This applies only in the case that the date of entry of your reservation is greater than 9 or 17 days (depending of the service).

Case 2: More than 7 or 15 days (depending of the service) before arrival, except for transaction charges: you will receive a partial refund with of your guarantee deposit payment as describe your voucher.

Case 3: From 15 or 7 days (depending of the service) before arrival, you will not receive any refund of your guarantee deposit payment.

Charges for the cancellation of a personalized services are specific to each service and must be consulted and agreed upon at the moment of contracting them.

If the guests arrives and decides to leave their accommodation or service hired ahead of time, they will not be reimbursed the nights or services not enjoyed, as well as 50% of the services not enjoyed will be charged if these services are within a period less than 7 days.

Cancellations by the Host

In some exceptional cases, situations occur that force the hosts to cancel their confirmed reservations. When this occurs, CubanEden waives the penalties established in the terms of service. These are some of the situations that we contemplate:

Hosts should not cancel reservations, except for the cases described above, since the hosts grant a binding contract with the guests to provide the requested service when they confirm a reservation. If a host wishes to cancel a reservation, he / she must cancel it from his / her host profile and send the reasons for said cancellation to CubanEden and the client, as soon as possible, in which case we will act upon that incident.

We will help the client to try to agree on an adequate alternative service, although in no case do we assume any commitment and we will not have any obligation in this regard. As a customer, you acknowledge and agree that your payment (or the applicable part thereof) will apply to any confirmed alternative service, in accordance with these conditions. In the event that it is not located or that this alternative service can not be located and / or you do not accept it, your prepayment will be refunded, but no other payment or refund will be made.

Cancellations by CubanEden

We reserve the right to cancel any reservation at any time for reasons of security or protection against fraud, or for any other reasonable reason. In such cases, the cancellation policies will not be applicable, the hosts will not receive the payment for the canceled reservation and, when appropriate, the refund will be made to the card used to make the reservation.