Policies of reimbursement to the guest

The published houses in CubanEden should keep some minimal standards of quality in regards to security, the access and the cleanliness. In addition, they should adjust to the description provided by the owner. If a guest that reserves and pays for a room suffers a problem with the journey because the space does not fulfill the high-quality standards of CubanEden, it's possible that he receives a reimbursement according to the Politics of reimbursement to the guest.

CubanEden, according to his opinion, will be able to provide a reimbursement or using all the efforts that he considers reasonable to get a reserve in a similar house with the same number of nights not enjoyed. The quantity of the refunding will depend on the nature of the problems with the journey that he had suffered.

Normally, a problem with the journey often classifies in an one belonging to these three categories: (1) the owner cancels a reserve 24 hours before or less than the beginning of the reserve or does not provide the access to the house, (2) the description of the house in the the web is considerably unlike the real house (as to size, special services or position), or (3) the house is not clean or it do not correspond with the description of the page.

In order to send a valid reclamation for the sake of receiving a reimbursement, the guest owes (to) getting information of the problem with the journey in the firsts 24 hours behind the beginning of the reserve (and including photos or any another type of proof) and answering to our requests of information or cooperation, (b) not having caused of direct or indirect way the problem and (c) having carried out all the reasonable efforts to try remedying the circumstances of the problem with the owner before doing the reclamation. To be valid your reclamation, CubanEden will reimburse 100 % of his prepayment, excepting the commission for the use of the service.

If even so he has any question in relation to politics, get in touch with us.

Policies of cancellation for accommodations, transfers and packages.

Guests can cancel and checking any penalization clicking "Cancel" in the reserve situated correspondent item in: My Profile > Reservations > canceling. It is important for the guest to be conscientious that the host exposes himself to a loss

Cancellations versus Time

7 days before
From 6 to 3 days before
2 days before

Case 1: To 7 days before the arrival, with the exception of the commissions:50 % of reimbursement of the prepayment.

In order to receive a reimbursement of the 50 %, cancellation should realize at least seven complete days before the hour local incoming (or 14:00 if he does not appear specified) of the day in which he begins the reserve. Otherwise, you will not be able to obtain it. For instance, if the arrival is on a Friday, you will have to previous Friday before the hour incoming to cancel the reserve.

From 6 to 3 days before the arrival, with the exception of the commissions:25 % of the prepayment will be reimbursed.

Case 3: From 2 days before the arrival, he will not receive any reimbursements.

If the guest arrives and he decides to leave his house or tour package service too soon, his not enjoyed nights or services will not be reimbursed.

Cancellations by the Owners

In some exceptional cases, situations that oblige the owner to cancel your confirmed supplies take place. When this happens, CubanEden can refuse to apply the penalizations established in the conditions of the service. These are some of the situations that we examine:

The Owners should not cancel reservations, if it were not for the cases previously described. The Owners award a binding contract with the Guests to supply the solicited lodge themselves when they confirm a reserve. If an Owner wishes to cancel a reservation, he should get in touch with CubanEden as soon as possible, in which case the reasons of said cancellation will become verified and one will proceed according to arrange CubanEden before said incidence.

We will help the Guest to try to an alternative house made suitable, inclusively, for instance agree, putting in touch the Guest with another owner or providing data of alternative houses, even though in no supposition we assume no commitment and will not have any obligation in this sense. Like guest, you recognize and accept that your payment (or the applicable part of the same) will apply to any request of reserve alternative confirmed house, in accordance with these Conditions. In the supposition that it is not located or that the aforementioned alternative house cannot localize or you, do not accept the alternative adequate published property offered by the Owner or for a new Owner, Your paid will be reimbursed for you, but it will not take effect another payment neither reimbursement.

Cancellations of Tours

The excursions can be canceled at any time according to the particular specifications of each excursion, receiving a total refund of 100% corresponding to the prepayment made. The charges applied to the prepayment will not be refundable.

Cancellations by CubanEden

We reserve ourselves by right to cancel any reserve at any time for safety reasons or protection before the fraud, or for any other reasonable motive. In said cases, the policies of cancellation will not be applicable, the owners will not receive the payment for the canceled reserve and, when it corresponds, the reimbursement to the used card to sell off the reserve will take effect.