Gain money with CubanEden

CubanEden offers you the opportunity to be part of a network of vendors where you can earn a 20% per lifetime of all reservations made by your guests. You pay NOTHING, however, you can potentially make a lot of money from your home, work, school, just by inviting others to book a private home.
Try it for free and enjoy the results!


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How can I subscribe to this offer?

You can register by clicking Register. You will automatically receive an email with instructions on how it works.

Really how much can I win?

CubanEden is a reservation system, which requires a prepayment of 17% of each reservation. You will earn 20% of that prepayment. The limit of your earnings will always depend on you and how many people are attracted to our system through you.

How can I collect my money?

Your money will be available in the form of credit for use on your own reservations or withdrawn to your bank account if you wish.

When can I use my winnings?

You can use your earnings from the very moment you are notified by our system. Your credit is automatically assigned.

How can I share my link?

Once registered, you can access My Profile / My link and use the buttons of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn that we provide or you can copy / paste that link in your blog, forums, social networks, personal Web, etc.